Shared Hosting includes everything you require to build and maintain a successful website—from XMission, an experienced, professional web host since 1993.

  Shared Hosting Shared Hosting Pro
Price $15/month $49/month
Disk space 20GB 100GB
Websites Up to 10 Up to 25
Databases Up to 10 Up to 25
Unlimited DNS entries
Unlimited domain aliases
Plesk control panel Regular Regular
Domain redirects Up to 10 Up to 10
WordPress Toolkit
Expert support
Money-back guarantee
No contracts or long-term obligations
Essential development features: PHP, MySQL, FTP, Shell Access, CGI scripts, Apache web server

Plenty of everything
You’ll never run out of resources again. Our shared hosting service includes plenty of disk space, transfer, DNS entries, MySQL databases, domain aliases, and domain redirects. *Terms and Conditions apply.

Build your first website in minutes
Using WordPress, you can take your site from the drawing board to live in minutes.

Manage everything from the desktop
Save time by building and uploading your sites from within our powerful Plesk control panel. From the intuitive user interface, you can also manage domains, install applications, access site statistics, and much more.

Security and stability from Imunify360
All XMission hosting packages include Imunify360 to protect your websites from attacks, malware, and other emerging threats.

Easy-to-install WordPress Toolkit
Put one of the most popular Content Management Systems to work for you on Plesk. WordPress Toolkit includes beautifully designed themes, staging environments, a simplified dashboard, and more!

Affordable domain registration
Establish your presence on the Internet with our domain registration services. We offer all of the most popular top-level domain extensions (TLDs)

One-click application installs
Launch your favorite content applications from within our Plesk control panel. You can install WordPress, Drupal, joomla, and many more with a single click.

No contracts or setup fees.
Use what you need, when you need it.

Shared hosting gives customers an affordable option for hosting websites and applications. Customers share resources on a single server, including RAM and CPU. This sharing allows XMission to keep the prices low for all clients.

Cloud hosting provides dedicated resources to clients with high-performance websites and applications. XMission’s Cloud services use virtualization technology, which means that even though multiple customers reside on a single physical server, they do not share resources. Cloud also allows for faster scalability when traffic increases or decreases and more granular billing.

We recommend that most customers start with shared hosting unless they have a solid idea of their resource consumption and traffic fluctuations. XMission offers customers a clear path to our more robust cloud and colocation services as your business evolves. We will gladly make recommendations if you would like to contact our sales team before purchasing any of our hosting services.

You can upload files from within the Plesk control panel, or select from your favorite FTP application. We recommend Filezilla.

XMission’s data center is located onsite at our headquarters in downtown Salt Lake City, Utah.

XMission technicians constantly watch all data center conditions, doors, and cameras. We control access via a two-factor biometrics system, and record and archive facility access with security cameras.

We backup your data nightly so that you can have it restored by contacting support. You also have the option to use the Plesk control panel backup feature.

A history of hosting

XMission has hosted websites since our founding in 1993, and has the expertise and success record your business requires. As your business needs evolve you can grow into other XMission hosting services, including cloud hosting, infrastructure-as-a-service, and colocation.

Confidence in our infrastructure

Websites run on well-tuned and secure Linux servers in XMission’s data center. Your data is stored securely and backed up offsite. Our technical staff monitors the health of these servers at all times, ensuring high uptime and stability for your website.

Trust through transparency

XMission publicly releases its network statistics to maintain full transparency. You can also access detailed statistics of your websites. If our administrators schedule maintenance or upgrades, we email announcements outlining essential information including the description of the work, time estimates, and expected outcomes.

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XMission Shared Hosting
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Trust our professional support team to keep you connected around the clock. We’ll take care of your systems so you can focus on what you do best: caring for your customers.

XMission offers a full set of business services including web hosting and colocation, unified email and collaboration, business phone services, and nationwide connectivity.

All XMission services run on a sophisticated network backed by expert technical support, available 24/7 via phone, email, or live chat.