Business connections of every size and flavor

Optical Ethernet, UTOPIA fiber, T1s, and more. Fully monitored.
Multiple connectivity options

Through XMission’s partnership with major carriers to provide Optical Ethernet, traditional telecom circuits, and UTOPIA multi-gigabit fiber, you can connect remote locations and telecommuting employees as easily as the corporate office.

XMission’s high-capacity, fully-redundant network delivers both stability and abundant bandwidth.Our access to major telecommunications providers provides XMission with hundreds of gigabits of Enterprise quality networking, based largely on direct peering.

Advanced networking options, including VPN, PTP, and TLS, are also available for businesses who require the utmost security when connecting multiple offices. XMission interconnects with key national and local peering exchanges, including our own SLIX, to provide multiple ways for businesses to reach vital networks.

XMission’s network is now in multiple locations across the western US with remote servers across the globe

24/7 monitoring by top engineers

Our highly-trained staff closely monitors your business connection at all times. If we have concerns, we will immediately notify you and resolve the issue.

We’re not just talk!

Visit our publicly available network statistics page for real-time bandwidth statistics. These statistics demonstrate the strength of our network and the expertise of our staff.

  Optical Ethernet UTOPIA Fiber
Speed (upload & download) Up to 10Gb+ Up to GigE
Service Level Agreement  
IPv4 / IPv6 addresses
DNS for up to 50 domains
Spam filtering (10 domains)
24/7 VIP support number
Easy Start Colocation
100Mb flat rate pipe
100% uptime SLA
24/7 access & support
Perfect for disaster recovery
Starting at $75/month
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