Enhance your clients’ email and collaboration productivity while boosting your bottom line.

Jump right into a reseller partnership with XMission. By Becoming a Zimbra reseller, you’ll enjoy the following benefits:

You own your customers
Enough said!

Easy administration
You have full administrative rights over all of your customer domains.

Branded with your identity
Maintain your own look and feel with custom themes and logo integration.

24/7 access to advanced support
Think of our support team as your own, or as an extension of your existing IT department.

Access to sales engineer
Connect with salespeople well-versed in technology for assistance with challenging deals.

Sales collateral
Help yourself to plenty of informative materials to help you close sales easily.

Extensive support documentation
Utilize our extensive wiki to encourage customers to troubleshoot their own problems.

Single invoice
Receive one bill for all of your customers, making billing a breeze.

Mix and match account types
Select from two mailbox types, both designed to match different job responsibilities.

Access everything from your mobile device
If you have access to a browser, you can perform essential tasks, including scheduling appointments, emailing contacts, and collaborating on documents.

Get a short return on investment
Pay for only the mailboxes you need without requiring expensive hardware, licensing, or IT staff—an excellent mail server alternative!

Give your employees the tools to do well
XMission provides you with everything you need for success: email, contact management, calendaring, document collaboration, search, and more.

Streamline administration
Instantly create, edit, or delete user accounts and features via the Zimbra admin interface.

Always see improvements
Our support of open standards and open source means your service will continue to improve—all thanks to the Zimbra community.

Use Outlook natively
Sync mail, contact, tasks, and calendar between Windows Outlook and your XMission Premium account.

Integrate applications
Add features from third-party applications and sevices such as Anymeeting, Salesforce, OpenERP, Google Maps, and more.

Unify communications
Zimbra integrates with Cisco and Mitel US solutions and supports click2call, voicemail, presence, and more.

Increase revenue
Go deeper with your existing customer base by offering them necessary business Internet tools. You even earn commission on your own services with XMission.

Add credibility
Partnering with an established and trusted Internet solutions provider like XMission adds value and credibility to your portfolio.

Expand your market
Reach a wider market base and extend revenue opportunities with products that include:

  • Cloud Services
  • Colocation
  • Hybrid Cloud Services and Colocation
  • Unified Email and Collaboration
  • Business Phone Services, including Hosted PBX
  • Fiber Optic, Ethernet, and MPLS Services
  • Shared Hosting

Happy customers
Well-supported customers are happy customers. Choose to pass off first-tier support to XMission, or maintain more control by managing first-tier support yourself and escalating advanced support to your team at XMission. Either way, XMission backs you up and meets your clients’ needs.

Contact Zimbra Sales or call 801.539.0852 to get started today!

What is Zimbra?

XMission’s Email & Collaboration services utilize the powerful Zimbra Collaboration platform. This enterprise platform allows XMission to deliver the latest cloud email, calendar, and collaboration capabilities right to your desktop, laptop, or mobile device.

Why XMission?

XMission has decades of experience providing exceptional technical service and support to customers around the world. We have superior networking abilities, a deep understanding of hardware and software, and strong relationships with top vendors and specialists.

Why Hosted Email?

Most small businesses cannot afford to spend thousands on hardware and administrative staff. XMission fully manages every aspect of the SMB’s backend email service, saving them thousands of dollars every year. As their business evolves, Zimbra makes it easy to adjust mailboxes and settings to meet their changing needs.

“It is a pleasure doing business with XMission. My only regret is that we didn’t move our hosting to them sooner instead of struggling to manage it ourselves.”

Internet services since 1993

Trust our professional support team to keep you connected around the clock. We’ll take care of your systems so you can focus on what you do best: caring for your customers.

XMission offers a full set of business services including web hosting and colocation, unified email and collaboration, business phone services, and nationwide connectivity.

All XMission services run on a sophisticated network backed by expert technical support, available 24/7 via phone, email, or live chat.