XMission is a service provider on Yellowstone Fiber: available only in Bozeman, MT!

You may have heard that Yellowstone Fiber—Bozeman’s exclusive, new fiber optic network—is now under construction, but new areas come online every month! XMission, one of the oldest and most experienced Internet service providers in the U.S., offers Bozeman residents and businesses up to 10Gb data connections on Yellowstone Fiber as soon as addresses become available. We cannot wait to serve you, but first, we want to introduce ourselves:

This is not our first rodeo!

XMission has provided Internet services since 1993, and fiber since 2005. Since that time, XMission has grown into one of the largest independent Internet service providers in the West. XMission currently services residential customers across the western United States and business customers around the world. We look forward to lighting up your fiber in Bozeman.

Take control of your home wireless!

In addition to your incredible XMission Fiber connection, XMission offers XWi Home—which includes a professional-grade router plus powerful smartphone app—for only $12/month! Take $2 off your Internet connection when you bundle XWi Home with your XMission Fiber connection!

With the XWi app, you can monitor and mitigate threats to your network, block content that might harm your family, monitor WiFi usage for each household member or each network-connected device, make schedules that restrict use at certain hours, and so much more!

So much more than fiber

As a full-service Internet provider, XMission offers much more than Internet connections! XMission also offers an entire suite of residential and business services including email, connectivity, web hosting, business phones, advanced email, and much more!

Around-the-clock expert technical support

For those times when you need a helping hand, XMission offers 24/7 technical support. Our friendly technical support team will walk with you through any issue you experience until we reach a satisfying outcome. You can reach our support team anytime by phone, online chat, or email.

Residential account features

  Yellowstone Fiber 250Mb Yellowstone Fiber 1Gb Yellowstone Fiber 10Gb + XWi Home
Speed (down/up) 250Mb/
Pricing $65/month $71/month $249/month
Throughput No caps No caps No caps
Free 24/7 technical support
Money-back guarantee
Includes XWi Home    

Honest pricing and no contracts

Unlike other providers, XMission does not hide fees or service charges behind its low pricing. We disclose all prices, lease fees, and equipment charges up-front, so you will not experience any unexpected, unpleasant price adjustments later. Plus, we won’t lock you into a contract.

Powerful options for businesses

No matter what connection size you require for your business, we can assist you. Please contact our sales team for speeds and pricing.

Voice services available

XMission can include other services with your XMission Fiber connection for increased value. Please visit the XMission Voice page for home phone service.

Privacy protection

Since its establishment, XMission has prioritized customer privacy and data security. We always protect your data and all records of your online activity. Read our Privacy Pledge to learn how we stand up for your rights!

Fastest connection to top content providers

In the earliest days of the Internet, XMission established strategic peering relationships with major content hubs. This allowed XMission to build a stronger and more diverse network. As a result, XMission can offer fiber customers faster connections to popular streaming and gaming providers like Netflix, Google, Steam, Twitch, and others.

Powered entirely by green energy

XMission purchases enough Renewable Energy Credits (REC) to offset its entire carbon footprint. Additionally, XMission has achieved the EPA’s Energy Star Certification with a perfect score of 100. This means that you can enjoy your XMission Fiber connection knowing that you have made less of an impact on the planet!

Blazing fast speeds at an affordable rate

XMission provides Yellowstone Fiber residential customers with a 250Mb, 1Gb, or 10Gb fiber connection. Businesses can purchase speeds up to 10Gb.

Happy to tell you more!

Feel free to contact our sales team at any time if you would like additional information about XMission or the services we provide on Yellowstone Fiber.

* Up to $80 value. This offer does not include additional service fees or hardware costs. This offer cannot be used in combination with other promotions or discounts. Limit of one per household. Applies to new XMission customers only. One-time use only. * Due to the many variables associated with computers and networking, bandwidth speeds are not guaranteed. XMission strives to provide the fastest connections possible and ensures that your port is configured to the advertised speed you purchase. Computer hardware and software limitations, latency, placement of WiFi router, and packet loss can all affect transfer speeds. As a result, you may not achieve advertised speeds. If you consistently are not seeing the speeds you expect, our technical support staff can try to help you troubleshoot your connection. Often, it is your own hardware or a limitation with the particular destination you are trying to reach. XMission residential Internet access is intended only for non-commercial use. It may not be shared or resold and may not be used to host professional servers or services (personal gamer servers are welcome). Remote home office use is encouraged!