Managed VoIP systems that grow & go with your business

Polycom 650

Quickly transition from your existing business telephone service to XMission’s Hosted PBX and let us manage your phone system.

You receive a state-of-the-art digital phone system, including plenty of features and easy access to advanced functionality, for an incredibly low start-up cost.

Our high-quality, well-tested service gives you and your clients crystal-clear calls every time. Plus, as your business grows, XMission’s systems will easily accommodate new lines, queues, or even remote offices.

Hosted PBX Includes:
$29 per seat, including a top-of-the-line IP phone
For one low, monthly price, you will receive all of the equipment, administrative tools, and features you require in one advanced, digital phone package.
Easy-to-manage VoIP phone system
How easy-to-manage? If you know how to use a web browser, you know how to manage your phone system.
Mobile phone integration
Ring your cell phone simultaneously with your office phone (or only ring your cell phone). Plus, our app allows you to make outbound mobile calls appear as if they come directly from your office phone.
Conference server included
All of your employees can utilize an always-available conference server to conduct client calls and meetings.
Call recording available
Record and archive all calls coming in and going out of your office.
Unlimited local minutes and competitive long distance rates
Make as many calls as you like without worry.
Cloud-based management portal
The XMission Voice Portal lets you easily manage your phone system through a web interface with just a couple of clicks.
Minimal on-site equipment
With a cloud-based VoIP system, you’ll never have to manage, maintain, repair, or update on-site equipment again. We handle everything.
HD Voice
HD Voice gives your calls twice the clarity of ordinary phone calls for life-like, vibrant conversations. Enjoy more natural conversations that boost recognition and enhance productivity.
Call forwarding
Call forwarding allows you to direct all incoming calls to another phone number, extension, or mobile number.
Voicemail to email
Voicemail to email allows you to retrieve your voicemail from a specified email address. You receive an email message, including the caller’s name and number when available, plus a .WAV file attachment.
Simultaneous ring
Simultaneous ring makes it possible for you to have multiple phones ring at once when any calls are received on your phone number. The first phone to answer is connected.
Auto-attendant available
The auto-attendant answers your customers’ calls with a personalized greeting and provides them with call-routing options. Callers can connect to an operator, utilize a dial-by-name-or-extension directory, or connect to a specific department.
Unlimited hunt groups
With unlimited hunt groups, you can group specific users to handle incoming calls. You can specify schemes for each hunt group, including simultaneous rings for all hunt group members, circular rings which send the incoming call to the first person available, ordered list rings which send the call to an ordered list of hunt group members, or uniform rings which sends the call to the person who has been idle longest.
Attendant console available
The attendant console allows your operator to monitor the status of hundreds of lines, prioritize call pick up and manage queues, transfer calls with a mouse drag and drop, search directories, create conference calls, and much more from an easy-to-use web-based client.
Transition to a fully-featured, digital phone system without any workday interruption.

XMission Voice App

Answer your home phone, check voicemail, and more!—all from your mobile!

for IOS for Android

Our cloud-based portal allows you to check your voicemail, configure your service, and moreā€”all from your web browser.

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