A perfect option for growing businesses with big technology dreams. For only $100/month, hire XMission to manage your web servers.

  Fully managed by XMission

  Updated for total security

  Flexible system environment

  24/7/365 tech support

  Monitoring and notifications

  Scalable to meet changing needs

IT for your website
Call XMission at any time for help administrating your website. We specialize in helping SMBs run secure and reliable websites.

Reduce your total cost of ownership
Managed Hosting eliminates both the capital expense of owning and maintaining expensive hardware and the operating expenses associated with hiring expensive, IT staff.

Eliminate IT risk
Your business will no longer assume any of the risks associated with managing your own equipment. XMission takes on all of the licensing, maintenance, and security needed to keep a server up and running.

Support your developers
XMission will work directly with your website developer to ensure they have the ideal server environment for your website. We can also provide development and testing environments when you decide to create an entirely new website.

Grow at the right time
As your business needs evolve, you can precisely adjust our services to meet your requirements. We won’t charge you for resources that you don’t utilize.

Provision the resources you require
XMission dynamically handles the planning and management of all compute, database, networking, and storage needs.

Shared hosting gives customers an affordable option for hosting websites and applications. Customers share resources on a single server, including RAM and CPU. This sharing allows XMission to keep the prices low for all clients.

Cloud hosting on the other hand provides dedicated resources to clients with high-performance websites and applications. XMission’s Cloud services use virtualization technology, which means that even though multiple customers reside on a single physical server, they do not share resources. Cloud also allows for faster scalability when traffic increases or decreases and more granular billing.

Typically, small sites start with shared hosting unless they have a solid idea of their resource consumption and traffic fluctuations. Medium and enterprise entities should take advantage of the benefits of cloud infrastructure. XMission offers customers a clear path to our more robust cloud and colocation services as your business evolves. We will gladly make recommendations if you would like to contact our sales team before purchasing any of our hosting services.

XMission’s data center is located onsite at our headquarters in downtown Salt Lake City, Utah.

XMission technicians constantly watch all data center conditions, doors, and cameras. In our SOC 2 compliant facility, we control access via a two-factor biometrics system, and record and archive facility access with security cameras. XMission’s cloud server infrastructure is administrated following best practices and prioritizes security and privacy.

We backup your data nightly so that you can restore recent versions of you site easily.

XMission’s Managed Cloud is a high touch, white glove solution for businesses that need dedicated resources but don’t have their own IT department. In contrast, the Unmanaged Cloud product provides a bare bones environment for you to utilize as you see fit but you’re on your own beyond us guaranteeing the server is up and running.

Monthly Server Pricing
Resource Unit Cost Unit Type Units Cost
CPU $8/Xeon core $8.00 Xeon core
RAM $15/GB $15.00 GB
Disk $0.5/GB $0.50 GB
Managed $100.00     Try this out: Slide the bars to adjust pricing based on allocated resources.
Popular packages
Basic — $127*

1 Core CPU
8 GB Disk

Perfect for:
  • Simple ecommerce shopping cart
  • Basic WordPress
  • Moderate traffic LAMP stack
Standard — $150*

2 Core CPU
8 GB Disk

Perfect for:
  • Framework-based sites (Joomla, Drupal, CodeIgniter, etc.)
  • General WordPress
  • Common MySQL/PHP applications
Advanced — $200*

4 Core CPU
16 GB Disk

Perfect for:
  • Popular ecommerce
  • Large WordPress
  • Multiple WordPress sites
  • Large MySQL/PHP applications
* Includes monthly management fee for up to three containers. $100 management + server pricing = total monthly cost. All configurations include 1TB/month transfer.

We do the heavy lifting

As a business owner, you have enough to worry about. Let XMission put our broad experience to work for you. You’ll benefit from provisioning an expert IT department to manage web operational services (you will still require a developer) without the frustration and expense of an in-house team.

Goodbye hardware

Imagine what you can do with the money you currently spend on hardware. XMission owns and manages everything server-side, including security patches, resource use, and software updates. We even monitor your web applications 24/7!

Scale and save

Demand comes and goes. XMission will work with your business and development team to adjust server specifications as traffic ebbs and flows, making sure that you never pay for unnecessary resources.

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XMission offers a full set of business services including web hosting and colocation, unified email and collaboration, business phone services, and nationwide connectivity.

All XMission services run on a sophisticated network backed by expert technical support, available 24/7 via phone, email, or live chat.