Clear, unlimited digital phone service

Reach Anyone In America

Call anyone in the 48 contiguous states as often as you like! XMission also offers low international calling rates.

Features you can’t live without

Built-in features include caller ID, call waiting, call forwarding, voicemail, selective call blocking, 3-way calling and much more.

Voicemail to email

XMission delivers your voicemail right to your email address. Listen to your voicemail from anywhere, or forward messages to friends and family.

Adjust your service online with our Voice Portal

With our online, cloud-based Voice Portal, you can disable and enable many of your favorite features, listen to voicemail, and more—all from within your web browser.

Take it wherever you go

Use your XMission Voice account with any Internet connection. If you move, your VoIP (Voice over IP) service moves with you.

Keep your phone number, or get a new one

No need to lose your current phone number. Port your number from your existing provider*, or select a new number.

Looking for business phones?

If you need a more robust enterprise phone system (hosted PBX), please consider XMission’s Business Phone Services.

Account Features
  • Unlimited local calls
  • Free nationwide long-distance (in the contiguous 48 states)
  • Competitive worldwide long distance rates
  • Voicemail—Leave and retrieve personal messages
  • Voicemail to Email—Access your voicemail from your email inbox
  • Call Waiting—Move between calls rather than sending calls to voicemail
  • Call Forward—Bypass voicemail and send a caller to another number
  • Selective Call Blocking—Prevent specific numbers from reaching you
  • Selective Call Forwarding—Forward specific callers to another number
  • Caller ID Block—Stop your caller ID from appearing on outbound calls
  • Last Call Return—Dial back the last caller
  • Anonymous Call Blocking—Prevent anonymous calls from ringing through
  • 3-Way Calling—Allow another person to join your existing call
* Due to carrier restrictions, XMission may not be able to port numbers. Before signing up for XMission Voice, please contact your current carrier to verify your number can be ported away.
Reliable VoIP phone service. Unlimited long-distance calling and countless features. No contracts!

XMission Voice App

Answer your home phone, check voicemail, and more—all from your mobile!

for iOS for Android

Our cloud-based portal allows you to check your voicemail, configure your service, and more—all from your web browser.

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