A fast, diverse network that can handle anything.

With more than 100Gb of network capacity from multiple upstream providers, XMission’s large network easily handles traffic for even enterprise businesses.

Because of XMission’s longevity, we have established strategic peering agreements, giving your data the shortest possible paths. Businesses benefit from fewer hops and lower latency—resulting in a competitive edge when every fraction of a second matters.

Should any issues arise in an external network, our diversity allows us to quickly route around the problem. In the event of a fiber cut or facility outage, XMission will maintain uptime through our well-distributed IP connectivity.

Network Facts:
  • Automated 24×7 monitoring, which immediately notifies oncall networking experts about any issues
  • Main POP and colocation facility located in downtown Salt Lake City, Utah
  • Multiple peering agreements
  • Redundant network border and core using carrier-grade routers
  • SOC 2 Certified
  • PCI DSS Compliant
  • Local CDN cache servers (including Netflix, Google, and Akamai)
  • POPs in data centers across Utah (including DataBank, L3, UTOPIA, Edgeconnex)
Upstream Network
  • NTT—10Gb
  • Coresite/Any2—30Gb
  • Cogent—10Gb
  • EdgeConnexX—20Gb
  • Seattle Internet Exchange (SIX)—20Gb
  • Verizon—10Gb
  • Comcast (only DC in Utah with full Comcast routes)—1Gb
  • Hurricane Electric—20Gb
  • UTOPIA—fully redundant 80Gb ring
  • Hosts and operates the Salt Lake Internet Exchange
  • Lumen
XMission is committed to delivering services over IPv6 and has successfully transitioned many services to this new protocol.
XMission Network Map
A visual representation of our network. XMission Network Map
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“Even when our company was just getting started, and we were taking advantage of XMission’s excellent service options for emerging businesses, I always found the staff to be extremely professional and responsive to our needs.”