Track our Current IPv6 Status

Service NameIPv6 Status
Backbone Providers Peering and routing is enabled with all of our backbone peers and some of our local peers. Local peers will be enabled as they are capable.
XMission Network - 6to4 Tunnel 6to4 tunnel is available for anyone to use on the XMission network.
Web http://xmission.com is IPv6 capable.
Shell The shell server at shell.xmission.com is IPv6 capable.
Mirrors The mirrors server at mirrors.xmission.com has IPv6 capable http, ftp, and rsync services.
UTOPIA DHCP UTOPIA DHCP clients are not IPV6 capable.
UTOPIA PPPoE UTOPIA PPPoE requires RADIUS server upgrades which are underway.
DSL DSL is currently not IPv6 capable. There are no plans to add IPv6 to DSL in the foreseeable future.
DNS IPv6 recursion servers at 2607:fa18::1 and 2607:fa18::2. Authoritative servers ns, ns1, ns3 are IPv6 capable.
Free Wireless Free wireless services and wireless backhaul are currently not IPv6 capable due to CPE incompatibility.
Colocation IPv6 is available to colocation customers.
MOE MOE is IPv6 capable now.
IP The IP identifier at http://ip.xmission.com is IPv6 capable.
Speedtest http://speedtest.xmission.com is IPv6 capable.
iperf The iperf bandwidth tester at iperf.xmission.com is IPv6 capable.