Track our Current IPv6 Status

Service Name Details Available
Backbone Providers Peering and routing is enabled with all of our backbone peers and some of our local peers. Local peers will be enabled as they are capable. X
Colocation Available upon request at no extra charge. X
Shared Hosting Web hosting via the Plesk control panel. X
Managed Cloud IPv6 available upon request. X
Business Internet IPv6 available upon request. X
Residential Fiber, powered by UTOPIA. Residential UTOPIA requires Juniper router upgrades which are underway.  
Mail Cluster Not IPv6 capable, but planned.  
Shell XMission's shell server via ssh to shell.xmission.com. X
DNS IPv6 recursion servers at 2607:fa18::1 and 2607:fa18::2. Authoritative servers are IPv6 capable. X
Web Services Most websites are IPv6 capable, excepting webmail and Zimbra. X
IP identifier Get your IPv4 and IPv6 IP addresses at ip.xmission.com. X
Speedtest Check your connection speed at speedtest.xmission.com or iperf.xmission.com. X
Mirrors XMission mirrors many software archives at mirrors.xmission.com available via http, ftp, and rsync. X