XWi Home
Smart phone not included.

Completely control your home WiFi experience

The XWi app plus managed router provides you with full insight into your home connectivity and increases your ability to monitor and mitigate threats to your network. Plus, XWi empowers parents to block content that might harm their children, manage WiFi usage for each household member or each network-connected device, and make schedules that restrict use at certain hours.

Overcome home router frustrations

Customers with gigabit and multi-gigabit connections may be familiar speed bottlenecks due to router performance, household interferences, or placement. Now, XMission offers an in-home wireless service that helps you easily solve these issues, providing a fast, reliable, and secure connection with coverage up to 2500 square feet. Larger homes can extend coverage with satellite mesh devices.

Carrier-grade routers that you won’t find in a store

Our easy-to-install, fully-managed XWi routers include WiFi 6 technology, enabling the best connection possible with faster speeds and lower latency. XMission’s routers also include dual-band support (2.4 GHz and 5 GHz) which improves WiFi performance for activities like gaming and streaming.

Have a concern? Let XMission take over!

If your router needs any maintenance, you can sit back and let XMission troubleshoot it remotely. XWi managed routers include automatic firmware and software updates. And you’ll receive the latest features and functionality added to our routers as they become available.

Protect your network from bad actors

Worry less since the XWi app automatically detects and stops dangerous activity—such as malicious websites, viruses, network intrusion, and ransomware—before it enters your private network, protecting your data.

Plenty of bandwidth available for devices

Up to 250 individual wireless devices can connect simultaneously, so your home network can always support more devices. Also, XWi’s powerful 6×6 antenna configuration means your router will transmit up to six streams at once over multiple antennas!

XWi video

Additional XWi app features

  • Accurately confirm your upstream connection with speed tests from the router rather than connected devices
  • Create guest networks for increased security
  • Prioritize your data to ensure that visitors don’t over consume bandwidth
  • See all connected devices when troubleshooting and toggle unnecessary devices off
  • Automatically blocks suspicious traffic before it enters your network
  • Block or filter content applications


Save $2 per month on your Internet connection when you bundle XWi Home with your XMission Fiber connection!

250Mbps – 1Gbps

XWi router specifications and features

Smart channel selection — XWi routers automatically change WiFi channels to optimize peak performance so you don’t have to.

Dynamic frequency selection — XWi routers operate on both 2.4GHz and 5 GHz wireless spectrums. Depending on the device requirements and location, the router can select from more open wireless channels to improve performance and dramatically increase speeds.

Router specifications (PDF)