Zimbra Hosted Email and Collaboration

Zimbra Email

Zimbra Hosted Email

Zimbra Hosted Email and Collaboration

Zimbra Hosted Email & Collaboration

Communicate, share, and update from anywhere with XMission's Email and Collaboration services. Powered by Zimbra.

Storage per account 6 GB 50 GB
Sleek AJAX Web Interface and easy IMAP/POP Access X X
Advanced, global Address Book X X
Exchange functionality for Outlook X
Mobile Integration (Windows Mobile, iOS, and Android devices) X
Calendaring (remote calendars, shared calendars, group calendars) X
Document and File storage (with sharing) X
Advanced searching X
Zimlets, Tasks, and Email Tagging X
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50 GB Premium Account
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Case Study: USANA Zimbra blog posts

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Trust our professional support team to keep you connected around-the-clock. We'll take care of your cloud email systems so you can focus on what you do best: caring for your customers.

XMission offers a full set of business services including web hosting and colocation, unified email and collaboration, business phone services, and nationwide connectivity.

All XMission services run on a sophisticated network backed by expert technical support, available 24/7 via phone, email, or live chat.

Save Money and Time

Forget about purchasing and maintaining costly, on-premise mail servers. XMission owns, monitors, and administrates your complete, hosted email solution. You will never pay for upgrades, licensing, or expensive Exchange consultants again!

Adjust accounts easily

Increase (or decrease) accounts as your business expands. Or, upgrade existing accounts to increase collaboration functionality via our easy-to-use administrative interface. Whether your business requires one account or 10,000 accounts, XMission has the capacity to handle any-sized business.

Powered by Zimbra Cloud Email

XMission's Email & Collaboration services utilize the powerful Zimbra Collaboration platform. This enterprise platform allows XMission to deliver the latest cloud email, calendar, and collaboration capabilities right to your desktop, laptop, or mobile device.
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