Full speed ahead, Artspace!

Only $45/month* for ultra-fast, residential Internet

XMission recently lowered the price on residential Gigabit fiber at Artspace, making it more affordable than ever! With XMission Fiber, everyone in your household can download files, stream media, play games, and much more—all at light speed! *Does not include a one-time $25 setup fee

Voice services available

Add phone to your XMission Fiber connection for increased value! XMission Voice includes your favorite home phone service features and benefits starting at only $15/month.

FREE managed WiFi router

Residential fiber services include an XMission Wireless Router. This powerful router transmits WiFi throughout your home, allowing you to connect all of your favorite devices. Your fiber installation team will set up your router and make sure that you have a strong and secure Internet connection. Then, if necessary, our Salt Lake City support team will troubleshoot your router remotely, ensuring that you always have the best possible speeds and uptime.

24/7 technical support

For the rare occasion when things go awry, XMission offers 24/7 technical support. Our expert support team will walk with you through any issue you experience until we reach a satisfying outcome. You can reach our support team anytime by phone, online chat, or email.

Need business services?

If you run an Artspace business, we can help you too! XMission Fiber for business starts at only $89/month for a Gigabit connection. XMission also offers an entire suite of business services including connectivity, web hosting, business phones, advanced email, and much more! Please contact XMission Sales to order business services today.

Powered entirely by green energy

XMission purchases enough Renewable Energy Credits (REC) to offset its entire carbon footprint. Additionally, XMission has achieved the EPA’s Energy Star Certification with a perfect score of 100. This means that you can enjoy your XMission Fiber connection knowing that you have made less of an impact on the planet!

Here to help!

Feel free to contact our sales team at any time if you would like additional information about XMission Fiber in Artspace.

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Many Artspace properties already have XMission Fiber:
  • Commons
  • Solar Gardens
  • Greenery
  • City Center
  • Macaroni Flats
  • Bridge Projects