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5 Questions Customers Commonly Ask + Our Best Answers

When it comes to technical support, there seems to be a pattern in the questions that are asked on a daily basis. Even with all the training we provide for our customers there simply is not enough time in the day to train everyone. To help you out, we have composed the top five customer […]

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5 lessons we have learned from our customers

For the last 15 years I have worked for various companies including AOL, eBay, Gamestop and now here at XMission. During my time at these companies I have worked in customer service. I love the feeling of being able to understand what customers are going though, and having the patience to guide them through a […]

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Helping around the House: troubleshooting your family’s Internet connection

It seems in every household, whether it be family or roommates or the like, at least one person is likely to become designated as the “techie.” This person may know a ton about technology, or simply a bit more than the others, or also be just slightly less uncomfortable about making technical changes. All three […]

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Windows patch breaks net access for Zone Alarm users

Software incompatibilities can really be a pain, especially when they cause problems with your internet access. It’s even worse when an update meant to improve security is the one that causes problems. This past Tuesday (July 8), Microsoft released a patch (KB951748) via Windows update which was meant to fix a DNS exploit where hackers could […]

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