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5 lessons we have learned from our customers

For the last 15 years I have worked for various companies including AOL, eBay, Gamestop and now here at XMission. During my time at these companies I have worked in customer service. I love the feeling of being able to understand what customers are going though, and having the patience to guide them through a process with only my voice. Throughout my years there are five lessons I have learned from customers.


Patience is the key to virtually understanding any situation that comes across a phone call or chat session. By taking the time to listen to a customer’s needs and wants, we show them we care. Patience gives you an advantage over your competition. How many times have you called a company and they don’t have two seconds of patience to listen to what you have to say? Taking two seconds to listen, hearing what the customer is saying, and afterwards kindly replying with a gentle phrase of compassion wins the hearts of virtually everyone.

Clear Communication Skills

How many times have you called a company (T-mobile, Xfinity, CenturyLink), explained to them what your problem was, and in the very next sentence they have some completely different understanding of what your initial call was about? This lack of communication will only increase your anger. A better approach: let the customer know you have listened to them by acknowledging their concerns and letting them know their problems or issues are important to you as well. Having clear communication does not mean using the most technical terms available; remember, not everyone has the knowledge of what you do. Take your technical terms and put them into plain english that everyone can understand.

Knowledge of the product

Not having enough knowledge of the product can be a big problem. Sometimes you get that stellar employee that you just want to call every time you call for support. Then there will be that other employee that you think, “Can you transfer me to someone that knows a bit more than you?” As a trainer, I strive to make sure that everyone on my support team is on the same page. Constant training of employees and thorough documentation of products and support methods are key to making sure that everyone is up to date on the latest products. Having product knowledge grows confidence, boots enthusiasm and strengthens communication skills.

Willingness to learn
It’s not everyday you hear about a company that will listen to what the customer says and implement that into its daily routine. At XMission, we listen to what the customer says and implement that into our daily routine. Our customers are what make our company. You want to make sure your staff learns from their interactions with the customers. A bad experience can ultimately ruin your customer service. However if that experience is used as a training exercise, then your entire staff can learn to recognize these situations in the future.

Ability to stay calm

There may be times you get a call from a customer that has just had enough. They may take that out on you, but remember they are not mad at you. They are frustrated with an issue they may have with a product you support. You should not get offended or emotional regarding the situation. Use clear communication with the customer and give them time to vent. Letting them talk it out will allow them to calm down and also allow you to get as much information as possible about their situation. Take deep breaths to relax and stay calm. Take good notes so the customer does not have to repeat themselves. These few steps you take will allow you to promptly address the customers needs and wants. If it has to be escalated, alerting supervisors prior to the point where you need assistance and updating them on the situation will speed up the process and keep the customer calm as well.

In conclusion there are many lessons to be learned from our customers. On a daily basis we can get customers that have had a bad day, and that will stay with us no matter what. I have been told time and time again when talking to our customers the reason they are with is us because of our customer service. I like hearing that, and I take pride in working for a company that continues to help our customers in ways that let them know they are important to us, and not just a number.


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