XMission's Company Journal


Self-Service Tips During Longer Hold Times

Recently, XMission has seen longer than normal support hold times in spite of our best efforts. If you experience the following common problems, we encourage you to try some preliminary self-service support. Issues connecting to the Internet Here are some troubleshooting steps to get you back online. Please disconnect the power to your personal wireless […]

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XMission Launches New Smart Device App for Faster Diagnostics

Today, XMission’s technical support team launched an exciting, new smart device app that will help our customers to receive faster resolution to their network- and wireless-oriented support calls! What will the app do? XMission’s support team will use the XMission app to more quickly diagnose customer speed issues and wireless connection issues. Speed issues include […]

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U.S. Call Center Support Better and Growing

This NPR story discusses something most people have known for years: that the quality of off shore call center support pales in comparison to US-based centers. Interestingly, companies are starting to move support back to the US. Of course, XMission has always provided local support. All of our support technicians are based in Salt Lake […]