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XMission now offers multi-gigabit connections on Southern Ute Indian Reservation

XMission has launched fiber services on the Southern Ute Indian Reservation to provide multi-Gigabit Internet service to area residents and businesses.

“I am excited to serve the Southern Ute community with high quality XMission Internet.” said XMission president and founder, Pete Ashdown. “I am pleased to be welcomed as an Internet service provider there.”

“Tribal communities deserve equal access to the digital world. Broadband is not a luxury, it is a bridge to opportunity. By investing in tribal broadband, we are investing in education, healthcare, and economic prosperity,” said Jeff Engman, Chief Information Officer of the Southern Ute Shared Services.

XMission offers 250Mb, 1Gb, and 2Gb connections, plus business connections. Qualifying residents can purchase service on and receive $50 off their first month.

For all XMission Fiber customers, XMission also offers XWi Home, a home wireless service that includes a managed router and smart phone application for $12/month. This service allows customers to more easily access the speeds available to them over fiber than most retail routers and includes features like parental control, malware protection, network time management and restrictions, and device management.


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