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Read reddit at work from your Zimbra webmail

That’s right! Redditors can easily read their favorite reddit threads from Zimbra’s webmail interface using the Zimbra RSS feed tool.

Let’s set this tool up!

STEP 1: Find your RSS folder

(Tip: Rename RSS to aRSS to place higher in the Zimbra webmail folder display.)

Find your RSS folder in Zimbra webmail

Find your RSS feed folder.


STEP 2: Add a new Folder for the RSS feed

Add new folder for new RSS feed.

Create new Folder to support the RSS feed.


STEP 3: Enter the RSS feed details

In this example, name the new folder “Zimbra on reddit” for the subreddit dedicated to Zimbra Collaboration Suite.

Check the box [ ] beside “Subscribe to RSS/ATOM feed.”

Add the URL. In this example, we will subscribe to the Zimbra subreddit page:

Yep, it’s that easy: Simply enter your favorite subreddit URL and append it with /.rss to subscribe to the feed.

For other blog sites you might have to use /feed at the end of the url. For example, the XMission blog feed is

Hit the “OK” button to save the feed folder.

Adding folder as RSS feed.

Enter details here.

STEP 4: Read your subreddits!

New posts will automatically show in the RSS folder. To view the post simply click on it.

Reddit view in Zimbra condensed

Display of Reddit posts from Zimbra webmail RSS feature.

The Zimbra RSS feed is a simplified view and doesn’t have the elegance of the official web interface. However, you can see the primary post and access the original articles and comments using direct links within the message display.

How reddit RSS feeds appear in Zimbra web client.

Reading the subreddit /r/Zimbra/.rss

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John Webster,  XMission Email Product Manager and Zimbra evangelist, has worked at XMission for over 23 years doing his favorite thing: helping companies securely communicate with customers through technology to grow their business. When he’s not uncovering Zimbra’s secrets you might find him in our beautiful Utah mountains and deserts.  Connect with him on LinkedIn today!


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  • Gayle Billat says:

    Thanks for this great blog. Glad to see it’s easy to keep up with reddit while monitoring my email throughout the day.