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4 ways your business benefits from XMission’s privacy policy

xmission-privacyIn the past few weeks there has been a lot of media attention given to XMission’s stance on customer privacy (links below). Honestly, it feels great to finally be recognized for one of our core values.

What isn’t being talked about is why our privacy policy matters to businesses.

Earlier today, I asked our long-time customer Michelle DeCol what our privacy policy means to her business and her team at

Her off-the-cuff response was identical to what other customers have told me: “My house is in order and we are not worried about privacy…. well, unless something happens.”

She clarified:

  1. As a business owner, your policy is good for me because I know I can count on XMission to protect me, my critical data, and my right to privacy.
  2. When I place my customers with XMission I *know* they are being protected and get the same great service we have relied upon for years. This gives me peace-of-mind.
  3. As an employer, privacy benefits my team. Protecting their best interests is simply the right thing to do. A happy and safe work environment means minimized risk and more time to focus on our customers.
  4. My business data is my data and I know XMission honors that and does not monitor or mine my content to deliver ads or push more services on me.

Michele also congratulated us on our upcoming 20-year anniversary and said, “I’m sure customer-friendly policies like this one (Privacy) have contributed to your longevity. Keep it up!”

The hosting and access industry is changing rapidly and customers are beginning to demand privacy for both their personal and business dealings.

What are your thoughts on business privacy? Please add to the conversation by commenting below.


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