XMission's Company Journal

August, 2010

An XMission Customer Speaks On Qwest

In response to prior XMission blog entry I wrote on Qwest’s tactics to eliminate 3rd party ISPs, along with a City Weekly article on the same topic, XMission customer Pete Doenges felt compelled to write the following. He sent it to me for accuracy checking and I asked him if it would be OK if […]


An Exciting Field In A Historic Moment

My three year old boy doesn’t understand the concept of broadcast television. I fully admit to being a technophile by hobby as well as trade, and so my house is filled with the latest in digital distribution devices: ¬†every television receiver has a DVR, and half of those have Internet video streaming devices like the […]


What can you create with 5472 pixels? – Updated with our Winner!

Big thanks to all of our artists who submitted work for XMission’s Digital Display Contest. We received so many creative and beautiful pieces and were thrilled to see them on our tubes at night. After reviewing the popular votes, and making their own final decisions, our judges have concluded that the Digital Display Contest winner […]

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XMission makes your life easier with BlackBerry integration

XMission has great news for BlackBerry fans interested in mobile integration using our Zimbra Collaboration Suite. For just $5 per month XMission Email Hosting users at the Premium level receive a native BlackBerry OTA (Over The Air) sync solution for mail, contacts, calendar, and task data. Features include over-the-air synchronization of mail, address book, and […]

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