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Buy Zimbra Open Source Support & Zimbra Suite Plus Tools from XMission

If you run your own Zimbra Open Source email server, we are pleased to announce that you can now purchase Zimbra Open Source Support and Zimbra Suite Plus new generation modules directly from XMission.

When something happens to your Zimbra Open Source email server it can be frustrating trying to find the expert or the expertise you need. Nobody wants to spend countless hours searching through blogs, wikis, and search engines for documentation that addresses a problem. If your system is down, it can feel like an impossible situation.

Relief is here.

Protect your email with official Zimbra Open Source Support (ZOSS). You get the same level of reliable technical support as enterprise customers do for their Network Edition server software.

Zimbra Open Source Support provides :

  • Next business day 8X5 email, web, and phone support
  • Expert support from Zimbra, the people who know Zimbra the best
  • Help to keep your environment current with the latest releases and security patches

Support plans start as low as $3 per mailbox yearly when paired with any Zimbra Suite Plus module. Zimbra Open Source Support is sold in 25 mailbox increments.

Enterprise features, start-up budget.

Expand your Zimbra OSE email server capabilities with Zimbra Suite Plus. These modules provide features such as mobile push synchronization, real-time hot backup and restore, storage management, and enhanced administration tools. Subscriptions for these tools are affordable at just $.28 to $1.01 per mailbox monthly.


Zimbra Suite Plus (ZSP) new generation modules upgrade Zimbra server capabilities in the following ways:

  • Zimbra Backup Plus: Back up every item and event on a Zimbra server with split-second precision. Avoids data loss and saves disk space.
  • Zimbra Admin Plus: Provides Zimbra admins the ability to delegate rights on a dedicated server. Now delegated admins can perform user management tasks, such as setting quotas, changing passwords, and more.
  • Zimbra HSM Plus: Manage multiple storage volumes and HSM (Hierarchical Storage Management) policies through the Zimbra Administration Console. Featuring advanced storage management tools like volume compression, deduplication, and even Amazon S3 integration to effectively organize and manage storage.
  • Zimbra Mobile Plus: The most popular ZSP module, Mobile+ allows users to sync their Zimbra mailbox with their mobile devices through the popular Exchange ActiveSync protocol. Zimbra Mobile Plus goes beyond the typical email, address book, calendar and task synchronization functionality and also includes shared folder synchronization and full MDM support.

Zimbra Suite Plus modules are sold in 25 mailbox increments, on 1 or 2 year terms, and require an official Open Source Support agreement with Zimbra. The good news is Zimbra steeply discounts support to $3 per mailbox yearly (normally $9) when you purchase the full bundle or any Suite+ module.


The full bundle of Zimbra Suite Plus with Support entry point is just $12.10 per mailbox yearly with discounts on quantities over 250 and 2500. You receive enterprise-level features and support experience for a fraction of the price.

The Zimbra Suite Plus Admin Plus module with Support entry point is just $3.36 per mailbox yearly.

Note: Zimbra 8.8 Network Edition includes all the new generation modules provided in Zimbra Suite Plus. If you want to add these NG modules to your current install simply contact us for assistance.

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Email to request your quote today for Zimbra Open Source Support, Zimbra Suite Plus, Zimbra Network Edition, or hosted XMission Zimbra services. For 250 mailboxes or more please contact John Webster directly, 801-303-0805 or

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