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Fitness in the digital age or how #quantifiedself entered my world by my wrist.

Simply put, the great hairless ape is not meant to live at a desk in the seated position. The results of this indentured servitude to our qwerty keyboard master all whilst confined to cheap office outlet desk chairs means widening waistlines, poor posture, fatigue, and bad backs. About a decade ago a minor injury turned […]


It’s the Most Wonderful Time 2009

Last year around this time I wrote an article for our blog mentioning several of the stellar titles that were shipping in time for the holidays.  Some of them ended up being awesome, and some not quite as much, but it’s clear that last Christmas was fantastic in terms of new games being released. This […]


The most wonderful time revisited

Had a request to do a follow up on my earlier post about all the great games coming out this season so here it is. I’ve played quite a few of the games I listed in the earlier post, but a few have been taking up more time than others while a single title really […]

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It’s the most wonderful time part 2

So, now that I’ve covered the consoles that matter, let’s move on to PC games. Left 4 Dead, November 20th – Multiplayer zombie battles!  This game promises to be one of the biggest multiplayer online shooters since Counterstrike made you miss your birthday party, graduation, wedding and birth of your first child oh so many […]

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year (to be a gamer)

Christmas is coming up in three and a half months, and that means publishers are opening the floodgates to get their big games out in time for the shopping season.  This is always a fun time for me, but it has a major drawback too: there’s just no time to play everything! This go-around I’m […]

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Getting Your PS3 Online

Please note: As of January 1, 2017, XMission no longer sells DSL services. So, you’d like to snipe a few fellow gamers in a game of Metal Gear Solid Online but there’s just one problem: your PS3 isn’t connected to the network.  Fear not, for I shall walk you through the valley of the shadow […]

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