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The most wonderful time revisited

Had a request to do a follow up on my earlier post about all the great games coming out this season so here it is.

I’ve played quite a few of the games I listed in the earlier post, but a few have been taking up more time than others while a single title really dominated my time.  A quick recap of each follows:

Fable 2 – Much much better than the first Fable.  Pay little attention to the storyline, the real fun here is amassing a fortune in order to buy out all the real estate, marrying as many spouses as you can get away with and just generally existing in the world.  Biggest complaint?  The weapons system sucks.  Without hardly trying you can have the best weapons by mid-game.  When you’re raking in money hand over fist from your real estate investments it would be nice to have something to spend it on.

Force Unleashed – Not the greatest Star Wars title ever to grace a screen, but a very fun game none-the-less.  The moves system is pretty deep, and the character upgrades system is fun.  Even if your budget can’t fit this title in it’s definitely worth a rent for the weekend.

Rock Band 2 – Meh.  More of the same I guess.  While there are some truly epic and fun songs on this outing overall I liked the track selection of Rock Band 1 better.  Depending on your musical tastes your milage may vary widely from mine.

Left 4 Dead – Haven’t picked this up, but the demo was pretty fun.  Its next on my list of purchases.

Warhammer Online – This game is a real blast. The PVP scenarios are super fun, and regardless of what anyone says the Witch Hunter class is awesome.  I’d imagine it would be harder to consistently place in the top 5 with a class that was really actually broken.  If you’re looking for a new MMO and you’re sick of WoW like I am, give this one a go.  I’m sure you’ll like it.

Fallout 3 – WHOAH.  This game has sucked more hours out of me than any game in recent memory.  In fact, I can’t remember spending as much time just exploring since I played Morrowind.  Fallout 3 does away with all of the problems I had with Oblivion, namely the terrible interface, quick travel and scaling enemies.  This is a true 100/100 game; placing Bioshock and Fallout 3 side by side makes Bioshock look like an 85/100 by comparison.  If you only have the budget for one game this season make it Fallout 3.  Let me repeat that.  Buy Fallout 3 right now.  Its that good, I promise.


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