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ARCHIVE: XMission Launches New Smart Device App for Faster Diagnostics

Please note: This article is no longer current. XMission no longer offers a diagnostic app.

Today, XMission’s technical support team launched an exciting, new smart device app that will help our customers to receive faster resolution to their network- and wireless-oriented support calls!

What will the app do?

XMission’s support team will use the XMission app to more quickly diagnose customer speed issues and wireless connection issues. Speed issues include slow browsing, latency, congestion, and video buffering. Wireless issues include signal issues and drops, wireless congestion, unusual device drops, and unusual device impacts.

Customers can use the app to perform network scans, router checks, and send/receive photos and videos.

How do I get the app?

When an XMission customer either calls or chats with a support rep about a networking or wireless issue, the support rep may request that the customer download and launch the XMission app, depending on the nature of the support issue.

Customers will receive an SMS/text link from an XMission support representative that, when clicked, will take the customer to the appropriate Apple or Android app store page to download the XMission app. Customers can also download this app by visiting either The App Store (for iOS/iPhone/iPad users) or Google Play (for Android users).

How do I use the app?

Once the customer has launched the app, he or she can perform a number of tasks that will help the XMission tech support rep to quickly diagnose issues. These tasks include:

  • Performing a network scan at various places within the home to diagnose network health, connection speeds, network configuration, etc.
  • Sending and receiving photos and videos that visually demonstrate the problem and the solution.
  • Perform a router check while on the phone with an XMission support representative.

The app will help XMission techs determine the health of your network.

Customers can exchange annotated photos and videos with XMission techs.

The app helps XMission techs to more effectively perform router checks.

Please visit XMission’s wiki for detailed information on how to use the XMission app.

XMission works hard every day to improve its support experience, and we would love to hear feedback from customers who use this new tool! Also, please feel free to leave questions or comments below.


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