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Media Release: XMission Donates Textbooks to Zimbabwean Developer Group, ZimboPy

On Monday, June 25, XMission donated textbooks to 20 participants in ZimboPy, an on-the-ground effort by local Python developers in the Harare. ZimboPy work in community centers, universities and tech hubs to teach girls coding

“I’m very pleased that XMission can help create educational opportunities for young women in Zimbabwe,” said Pete Ashdown, president and founder, XMission. “As a supporter of the local Python coding community, XMission recognizes the potential of these students and the essential role technology can play in developing communities.”

“Zimbabwe is bursting at the seams with untapped talent and potential. We give girls the tools necessary to learn and create in a 21st century context that empowers them to become leaders of tomorrow,” said Marlene Mhangami, co-founder, ZimboPy. “After going through our program these young women have better job prospects and the ability to create new technologies.​ We are only able to keep doing the work we are doing with support from companies like XMission!”


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