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It’s OpenWest season!

Dust off your open source thinking caps, because OpenWest kicks off in just two days!

XMission has proudly sponsored OpenWest, a regional conference to support and promote open source software, since its inception back in 2006. OpenWest continues to grow and increase attendance each year by offering compelling keynotes, interactive events, and education on hot technology topics.

This year’s conference will run from June 7 through June 9 at the Southtowne Exposition Center (Mountain America Expo Center) in Sandy, Utah. Check out the full schedule here.

You can purchase tickets here. OpenWest has historically sold out, so please don’t wait!

Keynotes include:

A sneak peek at the 2018 OpenWest defusal station! Organizers are very excited to have attendees try to figure out how to defuse the box.

Events include a PGP Key signing party and intercollegiate Capture the Flag.

Project lead and Director of Intercollegiate Initiatives, Tyler Johnson and his team have been running all-nighters to have everything ready for OpenWest 2018. Yes, that’s a Mountain Dew—yes, that’s a Twizzler straw!

Major thanks to the all-volunteer force that puts together OpenWest each year. These fearless men and women take the best care of guests, speakers, and sponsors, making sure that all attendees have a great time and leave with their brains crammed full of information.

Stop by the XMission booth for some spectacular sales pitching, free buttons, free candy, or just come around if you want to tell us about your pets.


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