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Utah Pride 2010

The Pride festival is this weekend and those who count themselves among the gay, or the gay friendly are getting excited.  The tents and fencing around the City/County building festival grounds started going up a few days ago and friends are already making plans to celebrate.  Its been nothing but Pride weekend event advertising on Facebook for the last 2 weeks and the local a(A)lternative press have been running ads for all sorts of ancillary parties, club nights and events for a month.  And while there are many unofficial events, the festival proper has a deep schedule of things to see and do throughout the weekend.

I’ve heard from some people that the Salt Lake Pride is one of the biggest in the country.  Having never been to one outside of the state of Utah I wouldn’t know.  What I do know is that we have an amazing gay community in this city, and one that has been reflected here at XMission stretching back nearly to the dawn of the company in 1993.  I’d like to thank Pete Ashdown for cultivating such an accepting and diverse workplace at XMission (a ‘proud’ sponsor of Pride!), and I’d like to thank my gay coworkers and friends – Harley, Roger, Matt, Jeff, Chris and Mikey especially – for making Salt Lake City a much more vibrant place to work and live!


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2 thoughts on “Utah Pride 2010

  • Jesse Walker says:

    xmission rules!!!

  • Jenny McGarty says:

    Ummm… I like you as a technology company but I really don’t care about your sexual preferences — in fact, I’d prefer not to know.

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