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Protecting your net searches from prying eyes.

How much privacy do you expect while searching the Internet? If you expect complete privacy then you are in for a shock.

I can assure you that the Internet did not evolve with your privacy in mind. Did you know that every search you make is recorded and archived by the search company? This is standard practice for every major search engine such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.

A friend pointed me to a Firefox web browser plug-in called Scroogle which would allow me to privatize my searches. Scroogle serves as a Google search proxy making it so Google cannot track searches to build a profile and gather information on you. Scroogle destroys cookies and purges all logs within 2 days.

Scroogle plug-in for Firefox works great and even blocks the ads within your search. The company is run by GoogleWatch.

You may also refer to for a list of web browsing proxy sites. Web proxies are not as convenient as a browser plug-in but are ideal for some situations.


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