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Make your email easier – why IMAP rules!

For business and personal email needs there is no better solution that IMAP. Using IMAP will set you free! Let me explain…

Back in the days of old, POP3 was the best way to handle your email with your desktop mail application. The problem with POP (Post Office Protocol) is that it downloads email to whichever machine you are using at the time. This means that unless you access all your email from one machine, you can end up with some messages on your desktop, others on your laptop, and even others on your phone or PDA. Talk about a productivity and convenience killer! Ouch!

IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol) keeps everything—even your sent mail and other mail folders—in sync with the copy on XMission’s servers, which avoids the problem of messages being scattered across your machines. IMAP gives you email portability via your mobile phone’s email application,  your favorite desktop email app at home and at the office, or the web interface.

For me, portability is crucial. I use several devices to access email: the office desktop, my phone, my laptop, and sometimes a random computer on the road. This need for access, no matter where I go, is why IMAP is so fantastic. IMAP keeps my email synced on every access device no matter where I am. It just makes life easier.

Putting this to work for you is simple. See the XMission support wiki for easy to follow configuration instructions on setting your favorite mail client for use with our IMAP service. There is no extra charge and all XMission email services support IMAP.

One last suggestion, if you want your email world to be even easier, use webmail. Most XMission accounts use and our business Zimbra users access email, calendars, and collaboration tools through All computers (and most mobile devices) have a compatible browser that supports webmail. The convenience is fantastic and you will never be stuck without your email again.

If you have questions about any of the XMission business email solutions please give us a call, 877-964-7746, or drop an email to We are happy to help you out.

Now go be productive!


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2 thoughts on “Make your email easier – why IMAP rules!

  • Jack says:

    Thanks for the explanation. I was wondering what the difference between POP and IMAP was. As a new xmission customer I’ve been extremely impressed with the service at xmission. Keep it up and thanks for being a great ISP.

  • Travis says:

    Now if only MS would fix Outlook’s IMap implementation.