XMission's Company Journal

October, 2008

New Surroundings for XMission Sales

XMission’s Sales department recently remodeled our street-level office space, and it looks spectacular. After hanging dry wall, installing flooring, and painting—all on their own—our entire Sales team relocated to their new offices. Here are some pics: Customers interested in signing up for service or making payments can now walk directly to our reception area without […]


Zimbra Tip: Contacts and Address Book management

This week’s Zimbra Tip is about Contacts and Address Book management. These tips are easy to understand and implement. The great news is that these tips apply to all 3 service levels of the XMission Zimbra suite. Viewing Contacts in Address book To access Contacts, click on the Address Book pane in the web interface […]

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Zimbra Tip: Calendar Sharing

This week we will cover sharing Calendars using the www interface the Zimbra Collaboration Suite. Calendars and calendar sharing are available to XMission’s Standard and Premium Zimbra accounts. XMission’s Zimbra Suite makes it easy to share your calendar: simply right click on the calendar you want to share and click on “Share Calendar”. The “Share […]

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Marvin Hamlisch tix gone

We had 2 tickets available for the Marvin Hamlisch show tonight as presented by the Utah Symphony. These tickets are now claimed. Thanks for reading!


Zimbra Tips: Drag and drop Zimlet

This week I have another great XMission Zimbra discovery to share with you! This tip has to do with enhancing the drag-and-drop capabilities built into the Zimbra web interface when using the Firefox browser. Our mighty email administrator, Joaquin, has added a great Zimlet to all XMission’s Standard and Premium Zimbra configurations. (XMission’s Base product […]

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