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Netflix Ultra HD 4K now available to XMission subscribers!



In 2013, XMission kicked off a strategic peering agreement with Netflix and joined their Open Connect Content Delivery initiative. This allowed XMission subscribers with an Internet connection exceeding 5Mbps to stream Netflix Super HD content using approved Super HD devices.

Now, subscribers with an Internet connection exceeding 25Mbps and an Ultra HD-ready television can stream Netflix Ultra HD content!

XMission enhanced our participation in Netflix’s Open Connect, by colocating an Open Connect Appliance (OCA) server in our downtown data center. This device allows Netflix to cache and quickly deliver content to our subscribers. The result: You will now receive the highest-quality Netflix viewing experience possible.

What’s the difference between Super HD and Ultra HD?
Netflix’s Super HD has a resolution of 1920 x 1080 (1080p). Ultra HD has a resolution of 3840 x 2160 (4K).

What will this cost me?
Netflix does not charge extra for content in Super HD; however, you will have a price increase to access content in Ultra HD.

If you currently have an XMission Internet connection that exceeds 5Mbps (Super HD) or 25Mbps (Ultra HD), XMission will not charge you anything additional to participate.

Customers below 5Mbps will not see any change in their current, non-HD Netflix experience. However, to enjoy Super HD or Ultra HD, we encourage you to contact XMission sales to learn if you qualify for increased speeds.

If you do not know your current connection speeds, please use our speedtest tool.

How do I connect to Super HD or Ultra HD?
When you access content using Super HD approved devices, Netflix will automatically stream Super HD.

To connect to Ultra HD, you’ll have to own a TV compatible with Netflix Ultra HD.

We hope that you enjoy this exciting, new benefit!


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One thought on “Netflix Ultra HD 4K now available to XMission subscribers!

  • Peter says:

    Thank you for entering into these peering agreements and keeping up with the latest technology. It’s exciting too hear you can get this on XMission.

    Too bad you can’t do anything about the “last mile” connections. UTOPIA doesn’t appear to be going anywhere.