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XMission upgraded to Zimbra 8.0.4 on June 15th

XMission’s Zimbra email & collaboration cluster was successfully upgraded to 8.0.4 on June 15th, 2013. upgrade image

XMission upgrades to Zimbra 8.0.4.

This release update provides additional fixes addressing general stability and includes an improved beta Outlook 2013 Zimbra Connector support (for PC).

With the upgrade complete, we encourage all customers with XMission Premium Zimbra accounts and Outlook 2013 to download the latest version of the Zimbra Connector for Outlook (32bit or 64bit) located in the “Tools and Migration” area in your Zimbra Admin panel.

Note: This beta connector has a minor bug: end-user search indexing within the Outlook 2013 application is broken. The work-around is to remove Outlook from the indexing options. In your Outlook 2013 go to File | Options | Search | Indexing Options – uncheck Outlook.

Zimbra Base accounts utilizing POP/IMAP can still use Outlook 2013 with these instructions from a previous blog post.

XMission’s best-in-class Zimbra Unified Email & Collaboration service is ideal for business of all sizes, with options for the small business start-up to the enterprise company supporting a global channel. XMission’s sales team can show you the way.

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