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Magento and Stackable hosting, a perfect fit!

Some days are just better than others. Today started out great!

I check into the #Stackable support channel and what do I see? Big kudos from a developer using XMission‘s hosting platform for a Magento ecommerce site.

Check it out:

[macnewbold:#stackable] : Well, in case anyone here is interested… last night we did a little comparison of load times for a Magento install (community edition) on Stackable vs. a client’s previous Magento (enterprise) store hosted on a “dedicated” colocated server.

Page loads on the other server were 7-15 seconds. Page loads on Stackable were 2-7 seconds. Needless to say, that made us quite happy, because they were paying over $500/month for the server. On Stackable, with a 512MB container ($70), they outperformed it quite easily with all the same products, orders, customers, etc. Plus, they can scale that container at any time to accommodate growth.

I was pretty happy about it. They have 30k customers in there and about 10k products so it isn’t your average Magento site either.

Mac is the lead developer for, and as you can see, he is also a huge fan of

We are big fans too! Thank for the great input, Mac.

Magento‘s ecommerce solution is heavy code and Stackable is an elegant solution.

If you have Magento hosting needs, try an account today and get your first month of hosting (at 256M or 512M) for free!

Please note, we find that many Magento sites operate optimally on a 1 G container, which is only $140 p/mo. Results may vary based on the build and activity on your site.

Reach me directly with any questions.

-John / 801-303-0805 direct / “john” in #stackable on


twitter: @stackable


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