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Why network transparency should matter to you.

Please note: As of January 1, 2017, XMission no longer sells DSL services.

XMission believes that the way to sustain a healthy and innovative Internet is through bandwidth transparency and open communication with our subscribers. Unlike most providers, we publish our bandwidth statistics, network performance reports, and announcements regarding upgrades, system issues, and even outages. While some might consider this data “proprietary” information, XMission has made our information freely available since we opened in 1993.

So what does this mean for XMission subscribers? Why is it important?

Easy, you don’t have to “just take our word” for it. You can see everything about our network in real time through tools available over the web.

How many times have you been left frustrated by technical support from a service provider and wished there was a way to verify what they just told you? At XMission, we make those tools and reports readily available. The following links to various tools, reports, and system monitoring sites let you see what is going on for yourself.

XMission Network Tools

Speed Test Test your connection speed.

Network Trace Looking-glass interface for ping/traceroute/etc. on our network

Performance Disclosure

We share information about upstream connectivity because our 14 Gbps network blends the best of major carriers to provide our customers with excellent network performance. XMission routes based on optimum performance, not cost. We will always send packets via the best path and our ping times and traceroutes prove it.

Real-time StatisticsOnline statistics for DSL, UTOPIA, QMOE, T1, and Colocation services Check bandwidth status in real-time.

Nagios System Monitoring Take a good look into our systems.

Maintenance UpdatesNetstatus mailing list For upcoming maintenance windows

General AnnouncementsAnnouncement archive Online and available via email

Outage Updates Not that we anticipate having an outage but if we should, this is where you would go for updates.

Bandwidth Availability:

The fact that you can monitor each of our networks, capacity from those networks, and our current usage on the pipes means you can grow your bandwidth without having to question performance or availability. Simply put, your critical data transmission needs are met.


Having worked at XMission for 13 years I can honestly say the most common statement my clients make about XMission is, “It just works.” How awesome is that?!? Makes my job that much easier.

I would encourage any non-XMission clients to call your ISP and demand these same tools. After all, if XMission can do it, then other ISPs should too. Sustaining a healthy Internet is crucial to our future and you have the right to understand the products you buy.

If you have any questions about network services or this blog post please feel free to email me directly, I’m happy to help.



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