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SQLite Firefox plugin

Over in XMission Research and Development we’ve been finding ouselves having a lot of conversations about overengineered databases. Sure, it’s nice to have fully relational databases and be able to store procedures and do subselects, but how often do developers really need these sorts of features?

Enter lightweight databases like SQLite. As the home page says, it’s a self-contained, zero-configuration, transactional database engine. It’s great for rapid development, but many find that it’s a perfectly suitable solution for production as well, saving the user the overhead of a more complex solution like MySQL.

While playing around a bit with SQLite this weekend, I discovered a handy tool that makes SQLite a breeze to work with. It’s by Mrinal Kant and it’s a nice little Firefox plugin that allows you to manage SQLite DBs much the same way one might use phpMyAdmin for MySQL databases.

So go forth developers, and create and manage thy lightweight tables for great justice.


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One thought on “SQLite Firefox plugin

  • Jay Godse says:

    SQLite is an amazing database. Check out my web site for a lot more information on it. For me it has sped up development on a number of projects, because it saves me from either rolling error-prone home-grown data structures (using in-memory SQLite tables instead) or home-grown config files (using a SQLite database which is contained in exactly one file), or the “collections” in many language libraries, which are lame compared to SQL.

    I’m going to have to go and check out the firefox plugin.