XMission's Company Journal

July, 2008

DNS security and resolution

As many have noted, a serious vulnerability in DNS was recently discovered. Immediately after release of the patch in question and prior to exploit code being released into the wild, along with most other major providers, XMission has patched its servers for this serious issue on both its primary nameservers as well as its dedicated […]

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The challenges of cooling modern data centers

As computers get smaller and more powerful, data centers face greater challenges to keep them cool. Blade servers, like the new Sun 6048 blade system we recently purchased for a next-generation hosting product we’re developing, are at the current bleeding edge of power consumption and heat output. To exacerbate matters, electricity costs continue to rise […]

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Getting Your PS3 Online

So, you’d like to snipe a few fellow gamers in a game of Metal Gear Solid Online but there’s just one problem: your PS3 isn’t connected to the network.  Fear not, for I shall walk you through the valley of the shadow of no internet connection and get you started on the path to a […]

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Windows patch breaks net access for Zone Alarm users

Software incompatibilities can really be a pain, especially when they cause problems with your internet access. It’s even worse when an update meant to improve security is the one that causes problems. This past Tuesday (July 8), Microsoft released a patch (KB951748) via Windows update which was meant to fix a DNS exploit where hackers could […]

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New XMission wifi hotspot @ Mestizo Coffeehouse

Hello! I just wanted to take a moment to tell you about our latest free wireless hotspot. Mestizo Coffeehouse is an independent cafe on Salt Lake’s West Side near the famous Red Iguana. Mestizo features an art gallery, and the studio of artist-in-residence and co-owner Ruby Chacon, one of Utah’s most celebrated young artists. This […]

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