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3 Reasons XMission Cloud Infrastructure is better than AWS

 I often get asked why an individual or business would want to host their VPS on XMission’s Cloud Infrastructure over a larger provider like Amazon. After all, AWS is the market behemoth, hosting huge sites in different locales around the world. How can a small local hosting company beat out AWS? Here are 3 reasons:

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1: Every customer counts.

 XMission has provided hosting services to Utah customers for 20 years. In that time, we have learned that hosting customers need more than just a root login. We provide 24/7 phone / email / chat support to our customers. Our policy is to provide 15 minutes of best effort support on any issue, and typically, we solve most within the first 15 minutes of a call. XMission technical support is required to have a deep knowledge of Linux, and it shows when customers need support with their VPS. If you need more advanced support, our staff is available to you through our Professional Services department.
AWS support is expensive – either you need to visit their forums and hope for a community response to your question, or you pay a large fortune to buy support from Amazon. 
2: XMission Cloud Infrastructure Pricing Makes Sense
At first glance, AWS has an appealing price – free for some smaller instances, and fractions of pennies for others. Good luck establishing what the pricing for your needs are though, as there are so many add ons, strange units, and a pricing calculator that is supposed to make things easier, but instead confuses the average user. 
XMission Cloud Infrastructure pricing makes sense – you pay for what resources you have provisioned by the hour. CPU, RAM, and Disk can be fine tuned to exactly what you need, allowing you to provision the server you need at the right price. And because XMission loves our customers, we are more than willing to help you determine what a good starting point is for your use case.
3: XMission Cloud Infrastructure is Feature Complete
AWS provides a service for anything and everything in the hosting world – the problem with AWS is that you need to know exactly what you need, what it’s named (EC2/S3/Route 53/Elastic Beanstalk???), and how the strange units of pricing and measurement add up to your monthly bill.
XMission Cloud Infrastructure provides everything you need in one place: You can manage your server, SSL, DNS, back-ups, firewall, and much more through our online interface, or through an API. We have included everything you need to create any type of infrastructure you need, with one simple account. Your privacy is built-in with XMission’s Privacy Pledge.
XMission Cloud Infrastructure: The Right Provider, The Right Price, The Right Product
Hosting your VPS in the XMission Cloud means that you get the support of a well trained staff that cares about your hosting. You get competitively priced resources, priced in an easy to understand method. You get a feature complete product that has all the bells-and-whistles you need, accessible via a web-based control panel or an easy to use API.



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