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Upcoming XMission Data Center Upgrades

An industry pioneer since 1993, XMission always seeks out the best emerging technologies available to improve our product portfolio. During the second half of 2013, for example, XMission is performing significant upgrades to its data center infrastructure which will dramatically improve cooling efficiency and effectiveness. We are also adding a solar panel array.

HVAC (Heating Venting Air Conditioning) upgrades include hot aisle containment for our colocation customers and a new water chiller on our roof. The HVAC improvements are estimated to change our PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness) from 1.78 to a much more efficient 1.38, an impressive 35% improvement in energy efficiency. Considering that XMission consumes over 1.3 million Kilowatt hours each year, a 35% reduction is significant.

The 25 Kilowatt photo voltaic solar panel array we will be installing on the roof of our office building will help us to further off set our reliance on the power grid and provide clean, sustainable energy. Data centers in the US alone account for over 2% of total energy consumption and that number continues to climb. While XMission has purchased RECs (Renewable Energy Credits) for years to fully offset our carbon footprint, in a quest to be green citizens, dramatically cutting power usage through improved energy efficiency is a much better long term approach.

Do you like to support green initiatives? Need cutting edge cooling solutions for your servers? Colocate with XMission.


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