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Celebrating our 20th Year

We are thrilled to announce that today kicks off XMission’s 20th year in business!

Thank you to all of our loyal business and residential customers whose trust and loyalty have made XMission successful for the past two decades. We value each of you so much and hope that we continue to earn your business for at least the next twenty years!

So many of our customers have taken the time to send feedback over the years. We wanted to share just a few of our favorite testimonials:

  • “It’s rare these days to deal with a business which has core values of even the mere veneer of appearing to support the client; your values are represented by every employee of XMission I’ve had the pleasure of dealing with.”
  • “I want to be completely CLEAR I am a devoted and loyal fan of XMission. They have been my ISP for a number of years. Everyone has treated me with respect and consideration….ALWAYS!”
  • “I have always found XMission customer service to be far above any other ISP out there and your proactive efforts to let us know in detail what is occurring builds tremendous confidence with me.”
  • “I am continually impressed by how on top of things your company is, and the great service you provide to your customers, and to the community! Well done..keep up the great work!”
  • “I just wanted to say how much I enjoy your company’s service. Most especially I appreciate the XMission customer service and technical support, who are always cheerful and infinitely helpful.”

Our customers are amazing!

If you would like to share your own experience with XMission, please leave us a comment on this blog, upload a video to Facebook or Google+, or give us a Tweet. We love your stories!

In the coming year, we’ll extend offers to help us celebrate our significant milestone (20% off certain services, etc.). Keep an eye out for those and be sure and tell your friends about our big year.


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2 thoughts on “Celebrating our 20th Year

  • Mike Place says:

    Congrats to everybody at XMission on a well-deserved victory lap at 20 years! Kudos.

  • Fiber Optic Marine says:

    Your support is above and beyond what is required. You all display the integrity usually found only in a United States Marine. Wierd as this sounds… I love when I get to (or even have to) call support. Its a relief to get REAL suport these days, if you have ever had to call into Sony Playstaion support this is a no-brainer.

    I found you after M-Star said I was being to technical and demanding about my speed and conncetion quality, they voided my 2 yr contract and I found XMission… havent regreted this EVER. You had my install properly fixed, worked on insuring I was getting what I was paying for, brought my speeds up while not the price (this last one doesnt count as Im proud to continuie to support the future in Orems Utopia). Even kept the connection live when I was in Cali, as I appreciate great product COUPLED with even greater responsibility to the consumers that make the business possible.

    Really, you know your doin it right when a 65 year old gal (my mom) notices how much better her internet is at the house than her work (Utah County), her friends, or anywhere else!!! You’v amazed a grandma with technology who I didnt think would ever be impressed!!!