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Utah Film Festivals – Now Showing

This is a great time to be in Utah. Not only do we have The Greatest Snow On Earth but we host several of the most popular film festivals in the world!

With screens and party locations for all festivals in Park City and downtown Salt Lake City, you are sure to find something to do this week.


Sundance Film Festival The grandest of the festivals, Sundance pulls in Hollywood elite for swank parties and some pre-release films.

Slamdance Film Festival This is likely the most true to form of the “Indie” Film Festivals. XMission is a proud sponsor of this festival.

XDance Film Festival All you need in action sport films! I’ve watched many of these films myself.

While you are experiencing the glitter and glam of the cinema elite, be sure to check out the free XMission wireless on Salt Lake’s Main Street and at the Treasure Mountain Inn located at the top of Park City’s Historic Main Street.

If you happen to use Twitter, here are just a folks talking about the events in PC and SLC:  @Slamdance @SlugMag @SlashFilm @Rejects @FirstShowing @ErikDavis @EricDSnider @XDance

Have a great week and thanks for visiting!


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