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Unmanaged Cloud

High-performing, elastic VPS that gives you full control.

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Monthly Pricing

$ 27
1 Core CPU
8 GB Disk
$ 50
2 Core CPU
8 GB Disk
$ 100
4 Core CPU
16 GB Disk
A La Carte
CPU Cores $8/ea
RAM GB $15/ea
Disk $.50/GB

» All configurations include 1TB transfer and backups

XMission's Unmanaged Cloud provides a VPS (Virtual Private Server) that works well for developers who know their way around a server, but who would rather not purchase and manage physical hardware.

Build the Right Server for your Growing Business

With VPS, you have full creative control. Build limitless sites, install any operating system, utilize root access, and experiment with server configurations.

Stretch Your Resources

If business picks up, you can easily expand your cluster of servers and load-balance traffic. Or scale your dedicated server resources—including RAM, CPU cores and speed, and disk size —instantly to meet demand.

Benefits of Utility Computing

Because XMission owns and manages the hardware, you can focus on the software side of your site while also enjoying lower up-front costs. XMission will only bill you for the resources you use by-the-hour.

Rock-solid Technical Support

All XMission services run on a sophisticated network backed by expert technical support, available 24/7 via phone, email, or live chat.