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Support Macquarie for UTOPIA

Support Macquarie for UTOPIA

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Dear City Leaders:

I support Macquarie Capital's bid for completion and long-term operation of UTOPIA, and ask you to proceed to Milestone 2. I personally think it makes sense for many reasons but I will highlight just a few.

First, Macquarie guarantees that it will complete a ubiquitous, open-access fiber optic network that includes every home and business in {CITY FIELD}. Unlike UTOPIA, which slowly built out neighborhood by neighborhood, Macquarie will complete the entire network in one, 30-month phase. This means that tens of thousands of Utah residents and businesses will finally connect to the Internet over fiber, and experience some of the fastest Internet speeds in the world.

Second, you may have heard about the utility fee that {CITY FIELD} will assess each home and business if Macquarie completes the network. This fee will most likely fall in the $20 range per address per month. While I recognize that nobody wants additional fees, our neighbors will receive something in return: a free, 3Mbps Internet connection from a UTOPIA provider of their choice! This has a retail value of $40 to $50/month.

Third, {CITY FIELD}, which has maintained a strong commitment to UTOPIA, will finally see profit from its investment in fiber optics. In the past, UTOPIA cities have covered operating costs to keep the network running. If Macquarie assumes control of UTOPIA, {CITY FIELD} will no longer have to pour money into the network. If premium services do as well as expected, {CITY FIELD} will have full ownership of the network in 30 years, debt-free. No other path for UTOPIA can offer this much security.

Finally, unlike Google Fiber, Macquarie's commitment to an open-access, municipal network means that our residents and businesses will continue to have a choice between Internet providers. We can select based on quality of service, price, speed, support, and whatever else matters to us. Having many competitors leads to a much better experience for all consumers.

In conclusion, we ask you to please support Macquarie Capital's plan to complete and operate the UTOPIA network. Please support Macquarie's proposal.

Thank you for your time and consideration.