Offsite Backup Solutions

Affordable and secure. Perfect for disaster recovery. Exclusive to UTOPIA.

Colocate a backup file server in XMission's data center for far less than you would expect. And enjoy an exclusive VLAN offer!

Starting at only $99/month, colocating with XMission makes peace of mind affordable and simple.

Securely Backup your Data with a Private VLAN*
Exclusive to Gold Business UTOPIA customers:
Think of it as a VPN (Virtual Private Network) made easy. No passwords or special software required! This secure connection routes your valuable data directly from your office to our data center.

Special VLAN upgrade available! - $40/month
Sign-up during this limited time offer and we'll waive VLAN setup fees.

"Get Started" Promo - $99/month
· 1 RMU
· 1 M 95th percentile Internet connection with 100 M bursting

"Secure Starter Cab" Promo - $395/month
· 1/3rd locking cabinet
· 10 M flat rate Internet connection (no overages)
  » Many other colocation options available.

* A VLAN (Virtual Local Area Network) allows several networks to work virtually as a LAN. One of the most beneficial elements of a VLAN is that it removes latency in the network, which saves network resources and increases network efficiency. In addition, VLANs are created to provide segmentation and assist in issues like security, network management and scalability. Furthermore, traffic patterns can easily be controlled by using VLANs.