Your Transition to XMission

Beginning October 1, 2013

Your Transition to XMission

Thanks for your patience as we transition you from Stackable to XMission. We can't wait to begin providing you with increased stability and support, plus many exciting, new benefits.

Let's cover a few of your questions:

  1. What is the timeline?

    Before we begin the migration process, XMission has transfered all of your account information to the XMission billing system, except for your credit card information.

    XMission Support will initiate your migration by sending you an email. During your migration, anyone from technical support can answer questions or help you through the process.

    First, the email will include new credentials for you. This user and password will allow you to login to two essential account tools: your Server Control Panel, and later, your Parallels Plesk Site Control Panel. We will then ask you to log in to the Server Control panel at to update your payment method by entering your credit card information.

    Second, the email will describe the migration process and the actions we require from you to complete the migration. These actions includes a full review of your site, DNS updates, transfer of cron jobs, and updating your billing information.

    Third, the email will ask you whether you prefer to have XMission migrate your site(s), or if you prefer to complete the migration yourself. If you prefer to have XMission assist you with your migration, our support team will add your site to our migration queue. When we complete your migration, we will notify you, ask you to review your new site, and ask for final approval.

    If you prefer to migrate your site(s) yourself, please call or email XMission Support and indicate that you do not require our assistance. Customers who begin the migration process can always contact XMission for help at any time.

  2. How long will our sites be down?

    We assure you that your services will experience minimal downtime as a result of this migration.

  3. Can I manage the migration process myself?

    Yes. We understand that you may prefer to manage your own migration from Stackable to XMission. If you prefer to manage your own migration, please respond to this email or call XMission Support (801-539-0852) to make arrangements.

    If you run into trouble during your migration, you can contact our support team at any time for assistance.

  4. Will my costs increase?

    In some instances, costs may slightly increase or decrease; however, XMission intends to make resource costs as comparable as possible.

  5. Will my service change?

    On XMission, you will continue to have the ability to:

    • Scale resources instantly (both vertically and horizontally)  
    • Load-balance websites and applications across multiple web servers
    • Control resource cost by-the-hour (on Stackable, we bill by-the-day)
    • Manage all servers, sites, and resources using a robust control panel
    • Have full access via API

    We can now offer you these exciting, new benefits as well:

    • Triple the support availability: 24/7 professional phone, email, and live chat support.
    • Increased hardware stability via Parallels Automation Cloud Infrastructure.
    • Dedicated database resources, eliminating the risk of a shared MySQL server.
    • Increased security: protect sensitive data using a private network between servers, and specify which services you offer on the public network.
    • Control firewalls and load-balancing between servers using a web-based GUI.
    • Improved back-ups.
    • Additional default packages, modules, and installation options.
    • Bring your software and applications to a larger market with APS packaging.