Keep your company safe from spam and viruses!

XMission SpamCatcher blocks spam by directing all email destined for your email server through our filters. This first line of anti-spam defense will significantly reduce the strain on your mail servers and relieve you of the burden of managing extensive anti-spam systems.

XMission adjusts spam filters daily to better block unwanted email and defend your systems and users from viruses, malware, phishing, denial of service, and other invasive attacks.

SpamCatcher works well for any-sized business. Your company will save thousands in hardware, space, and administration costs for a highly-effective service that compares with the very best.

SpamCatcher mail feed also covers you in the case of an emergency. Should your mail server break down, XMission spools your mail for up to eight days providing ample time to repair your mail server without losing critical customer messaging.

To understand how XMission’s spam and virus filtering works, please reference this article.

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