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City Council Letter on Property Node Placement

To Ray Milliner regarding PLNPCM2012-00206: 651 N 200 W Utility Box, Ray, I am unable to attend the public hearing on Thursday the 12th at 5pm as I will be out of town. Please pass my comments on to the council. I live at (removed). Currently, my business XMission is able to provide DSL service […]

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Response to CenturyLink on Property Node Placement

Don, thanks for contacting me regarding placing a node on my property. Under prior circumstance, I would be all for the placement of CenturyLink equipment on my property, even without compensation. However, since CenturyLink and Qwest determined that they would not allow third party transmission over their FTTN/ADSL2 system, and thusly locked out third party […]

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Bonded DSL Pilot

Small and growing businesses have a new connectivity option available only from XMission: Bonded DSL. We will accept up to twenty customers for a new pilot program to test this affordable, flexible service. Bonded DSL works best for businesses that don’t want to pay for a dedicated connection, but still require a connection faster than […]

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Getting Your PS3 Online

So, you’d like to snipe a few fellow gamers in a game of Metal Gear Solid Online but there’s just one problem: your PS3 isn’t connected to the network.  Fear not, for I shall walk you through the valley of the shadow of no internet connection and get you started on the path to a […]

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