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From Wed Apr 5 15:12:41 MDT 2000
Date: Wed, 05 Apr 2000 15:12:41 MDT
From: (XMission Support)
Subject: ANNOUNCEMENT: XMission Upgrades Bandwidth and Power
Status: RO

XMission Upgrades Bandwidth and Power

XMission is pleased to announce that we have more than doubled our
bandwidth with our primary backbone provider UUNet by increasing it to a
full T3 (i.e., 45 Megabit). We will also be moving our system over to
new power facilities on Sunday.

Full T3 With UUNet

After internal discussions about how we'd like to expand our network,
and negotiations with UUNet last month, XMission decided to begin
purchasing a full T3 from reputed backbone provider UUNet. During the
negotiations, XMission brought up concerns about latency and congestion
problems that parts of their backbone experienced off and on during the
second half of last year. UUNet assured us that they have made all the
upgrades and changes necessary to avoid such problems in the future to
renew our confidence in them.

To peruse our realtime bandwidth statistics, refer to the following

To view specifics about our UUNet connection, choose the "Primary
Bandwidth" link or go here:

XMission proudly discloses its bandwidth statistics publicly because
the key to optimum network health is avoiding congestion. A large
connection to a backbone provider means nothing if it's saturated.

Scheduled Power Upgrade

After taking almost a year to plan and implement, our upgrade to a new
480 volt 3 phase UP & L power feed into the building is almost complete.
The 480 volt power goes through a step down transformer (to 208 Volt 3
phase power) and a 40 KVA UPS before feeding our server and colocation

A new 150 Kilowatt generator will be installed this month to complete
the new service but we'll remain on our 50 Kilowatt generator until the
new backup generator is fully built out. Meeting compliance with the
Fire Marshall has slightly delayed completion of the generator leg of
the project.

While our existing power system got us through last summer's tornado
disaster and a failed UP & L transformer in the fall, we continue to
double our power needs each year. This upgrade will not only better
provision for future growth, but also fully puts us at Telco-grade
standards. Future expansion (additional generators, UPS', etc) can
easily be added on an as-needed basis as well.

XMission is quite pleased with our new power facilities and has spent
a significant outlay to avoid any outage in the transition to the new

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