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From Thu Aug 7 10:57:27 MDT 1997
Date: Thu, 07 Aug 1997 10:57:27 MDT
From: (XMission Support)
Subject: ANNOUNCEMENT: The Fight Against Junk Email
Status: RO

In our continous efforts to provide a reliable and feature rich service for
all of our subscribers, XMission is committed to taking strong actions in
the war against "junk-email" and "spam" messages. Our proprietary filters
are actively removing spam on an ongoing basis. There are several reasons
to block unsolicited email: network congestion, overworked mail servers, and
aggravation of our client base. As well, constant abusers are blocked at a
network level and can not reach any mail server inside our network.

To see what hasn't hit your email box, we suggest you peruse our newly
published spam-filter statistics:

Due to recent abuse, we have turned off external access to our mail relay
server from outside the XMission network. We will now only relay mail that
is destined to, or originating from, XMission and it's related internal
networks; with exceptions on a case by case basis.

If you use the default outgoing mail server ( and do NOT
dial into the service directly, you will find that your email program may
not have access to send mail; although it will be able to read mail
waiting for you. If this is the case, a warning message will let you know.

There are several solutions available:

1. Change your SMTP server settings to a local office mail server.
2. Connect to XMission directly via dialup with your account.
3. Use an online mail reader via Telnet (e.g., Pine or Elm).
4. Let us know and we _may_ allow your system access.
5. Modify your Eudora.INI file to enable Eudora to send via POP:

Should you receive "junk-email" through an XMission server, please forward
it to "" so we can adjust our filters to block it in
the future.

For more information on how to promote responsible interaction on the
Internet and fight "junk-email" please visit:

The Deseret News also recently published an excellent article on "spam":

XMission thanks you for your continued patronage and looks forward to
providing you with the quality of service you deserve.

This has been an XMission Announcement. Past announcements are
available at:
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