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XMission offers business hosting services, but we're more than just a host.
When your business works with XMission, our team becomes your external IT department. We do this by developing unique, affordable solutions for your business and backing everything up with 24/7 expert consulting.

We assist, advise, and educate our clients, making our service more valuable and enhancing your company's productivity.

  • Outstanding support when you need it

    Our professional support team will keep your business connected and communicating 24/7/365. For 20 years, XMission has cared for global business systems in almost every industry. We manage everything related to the Internet so you can do what you do best: serving your customers.
  • Protection from Big Brother

    XMission protects customer privacy and freedom of speech. To maintain full transparency, we disclose every information request we receive, plus our responses, on our Transparency Report. Read our president and founder's response to the recent NSA news.
  • Care for communities

    XMission proudly supports over 500 of Utah’s nonprofit organizations by providing free web hosting services, in-kind donations, and sponsoring community-based events and facilities.
  • Powered 100% by green energy

    In 2007, XMission became the first Internet service provider in Utah to upgrade entirely to renewable energy. XMission purchases over 3,500 Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) from 3Degrees annually and participates in Rocky Mountain Power's Blue Sky program —enough to cover our entire energy use.